Test Venom’s L1 Blockchain with Free Testnet Allocation Now!

• The Venom Foundation announced the launch of its public Testnet for its Layer-1 blockchain.
• The testnet allows users and developers to test applications, debug protocols and experience dApps.
• dApps that can be tested include Venom Scan, VenomPools, Venom Bridge, Venom Stake and Web3.World.

Venom Foundation Launches Testnet

The Venom Foundation has announced the launch of its public testnet for its Layer-1 blockchain. This marks a key milestone ahead of mainnet launch and allows both developers and users to experience the network’s capabilities first hand.

Accessing the Testnet

To access the testnet, users must first download the Venom Wallet which is available on mobile (in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) as well as desktop as a Chrome extension. Once they claim their free testnet allocation, they are ready to go!

dApps Available on Testnet

Users on the venom test net are able to experience various decentralized applications (dApps) including: Venom Wallet, Venom Scan, Venompools, Vemon Bridge, Vemon Stake, Web3.World, WeUp NFT Mint and Oasis Gallery.

Benefits of Using TestNet

The program should boost community building while further accelerating innovation within the ecosystem by allowing users to stress-test protocols and debug dapps before main net launch goes live.


The public test net marks an exciting milestone for the foundation as it brought them one step closer towards launching their main net platform in full force! With this launch users will be able to access multiple decentralized applications built in house giving them a taste of what’s to come once main net launches!

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