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• FTX, a defunct cryptocurrency exchange, reported that its bankruptcy case claims agency, Kroll, had a cybersecurity breach.
• Kroll is notifying those affected and educating them about precautions they can take to ensure security.
• The data breach has had an impact on the ongoing bankruptcy case as it is receiving bogus emails and customers’ personal data was hacked.

FTX Reports Cybersecurity Breach Involving Claims Agent Kroll

FTX, a defunct cryptocurrency exchange, has reported that its claims agent in the ongoing bankruptcy case – Kroll – experienced a cybersecurity breach which resulted in the exposure of limited non-sensitive customer data of specific claimants.

Kroll Notifies Affected Individuals

Kroll is currently notifying those affected by the cyber incident and educating them on how to protect their security moving forward. FTX has reassured customers that systems and account passwords are safe from any potential threat. They have opened up communication lines with Kroll to closely monitor the situation as it develops.

Impact on Bankruptcy Case

The data breach has had an effect on the ongoing bankruptcy case as it is receiving fake emails and customers’ personal information was compromised. Celsius Network – another cryptocurrency lending platform undergoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings – also experienced similar repercussions with their data breach resulting in email records being exposed.

FTX Seeks Crypto Holding Increase Through Galaxy Digital

In order to increase its crypto holdings through selling, staking and hedging methods, FTX is seeking help from Galaxy Digital while also relaunching itself soon. Customers are being urged to stay vigilant for any suspicious emails or scams pretending to be from companies going through bankruptcy cases.


As FTX continues with its plans for relaunch following its previous failure due to liquidity issues, it seeks help from Galaxy Digital while keeping an eye out for potential threats arising from the recent cyber attack involving Kroll’s claims agency during its restructuring process. Consumers should remain vigilant for any suspicious activities related to this incident and protect themselves against further breaches of sensitive information from malicious actors online

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