Metacade: Play, Earn, Build and Connect – Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming

• Cryptocurrency markets have shown signs of improvement in early 2023, with Cronos (CRO) leading the charge.
• Metacade is at the forefront of Web3 gaming, offering users an opportunity to play and earn crypto rewards through its virtual arcade.
• Metacade’s groundbreaking Create2Earn and Metagrants schemes offer members a chance to take ownership of the platform and receive funding for their game ideas.

Cronos Price Rallies

2023 looks set to be a year when crypto markets begin to rebound after the long and varied struggles of 2022. Some altcoins, such as Cronos (CRO), are already showing signs of improvement, with price rallies in the early months of 2023 leading analysts to forecast better times across the board for cryptocurrencies.

Metacade Shoots for the Moon

One coin that looks set to exceed others as markets improve during 2023 is Metacade’s MCADE token. Built on Ethereum blockchain, Metacade offers gamers and online tournament competitors an opportunity to play, earn and interact in real-time. Through its powerful P2E infrastructure, users can receive crypto rewards for actively participating in building up their community. The Create2Earn scheme encourages social engagements by offering incentives every time someone posts content on its various outlets.

Metagrants Scheme

The most exciting feature offered by Metacade is their pioneering Metagrants scheme which promises to push GameFi to new heights while incentivizing members to take full ownership of the hub’s direction. From Q3 2023, developers can raise applications for funding in the form of a Metagrant which will support development exclusive titles for Metacade only. Each submission goes into a pool before undergoing a vote from MCADE token holders who will decide which ideas get funded and go into development with backing from a Metagrant.

Advantages for Investors

Investors looking for upside potential during 2023 should consider investing in MCADE tokens as they are likely to outperform other coins due to multiple advantages it offers over other platforms such as more games being released exclusive only on this platform plus incentivizing members with reward opportunities like metagrants scheme etc.. This makes it attractive option compared other coins available currently in market place


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