Invest in NFTs & Crypto with Web3 Startup nealthy’s $1.3M Pre-Seed Round!

• Web3 startup nealthy has raised $1.3 million in a pre-seed funding round from top industry investors.
• The funds will be used to grow the team and hire new talent, as well as seek greater adoption of their Ethereum-based platform that provides diversified exposure to NFTs and cryptocurrency investing.
• The platform is looking to tap into the Web3 ecosystem by removing barriers to entry with index tokens that allow for on-chain storage of digital assets and portfolio diversification.

Web3 Startup nealthy Raises $1.3M in Pre-seed Funding

nealthy, an Ethereum-based Web3 startup, has successfully closed a pre-seed funding round worth $1.3 million backed by top industry investors. The Dubai incorporated platform will use the capital injection to grow its team, hire new talent, and seek greater adoption of their services which provide access to diversified investment opportunities within the NFT and crypto markets.

Index Tokens Remove Barriers for Entry

The interest in Web3 continues to gather pace and nealthy is aiming to tap into this ecosystem by removing the barriers associated with entry into the market through index tokens which are investment assets that replicate traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These tokens allow investors to easily invest across the Web3 space with on-chain storage of digital assets and portfolio diversification in case of sudden market shifts. An example of an index token is nealthy’s $NFTS which is valued nearly 1:1 against blue-chip NFTs.

CEO Expresses Interest in Diversification

Ludwig Schroedl, CEO of nealthy commented on the raising saying there is increasing interest amongst investors for diversification within the crypto sector which has seen massive growth in NFT trading markets especially amongst first time investors who can benefit from “blue chip” index tokens like $NFTS due to reduced risk levels involved with such investments.

Expansion Plans for 2021

The startup is looking forward towards expanding its reach by releasing multiple products throughout 2021 such as derivatives contracts, options trading strategies and tokenized funds among other products while continuing its efforts at driving greater adoption within its target market segments through collaborations with larger players within these industries or even targeted marketing campaigns where appropriate.


With this successful funding round backed by prominent industry participants, nealthy has set itself up for sustained growth over 2021 where it is planning on using its capital injection wisely towards achieving its ambitious goals revolving around providing access to diverse investment opportunities across various blockchain asset classes while removing traditional barriers faced when entering these markets through innovative products designed specifically keeping user convenience at heart.

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