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Bitcoin Rally Continues: Interest Rate Forecasts Drive Prices Up

• Bitcoin is trading at $28,411 due to interest rate forecasts.
• Coinjournal’s Dan Ashmore believes that the interest rate forecasts are driving the crypto rally rather than the recent banking crisis.
• Investors are optimistic that prices could soar higher over the coming days and weeks as cryptocurrencies trade as risk-on assets.

Bitcoin Rallying Due to Interest Rate Forecasts

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has been performing excellently over the past few weeks with its price currently standing at $28,411. Coinjournal’s Dan Ashmore attributes this crypto rally to interest rate forecasts rather than to the collapse of some banks in recent months.

Interest Rate Forecasts Responsible for Crypto Rally

According to Dan Ashmore during an interview with CNBC, this crypto rally has to do with the interest rate forecasts rather than being a reaction to banking turmoil. He noted that there was an 83% probability of an increase in interest rates in summer before the Silicon Valley Bank collapse but today it is almost 100% likely that there will be rate cuts instead.

Risk-On Assets Attracting Investors

With Bitcoin trading at $28k per coin, investors are optimistic that prices could soar even higher over time as cryptocurrencies are considered risk-on assets. This means they can offer a greater return on investment when compared with other traditional investment options when markets become more volatile or uncertain times occur in wider economy.

Banking Crisis Not Cause of Crypto Rally

Although many attribute Bitcoin’s rally to the collapse of various banks such as Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank and Silicon Valley Bank; Dan Ashmore pointed out that this isn’t necessarily true and instead it is mainly due to changing economic circumstances regarding interest rates which have caused investors to enter into the crypto market.


In conclusion, Bitcoin has been performing excellently over recent weeks due primarily to changing economic circumstances regarding interest rates which have caused investors confidence in entering into crypto markets rather than any banking crisis occurring recently..

Bitcoin Breaks $26K: Reasons for Hesitation Amidst Bullish Rally

• Bitcoin has surged beyond $26,000 due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate
• The US administration stepped in to shore up the crisis and guarantee deposits would be made whole
• Market expectations have shifted as investors bet on no further interest rate hikes by the Fed

Why is Bitcoin Going Up?

Bitcoin has surged beyond $26,000 as interest rate expectations flip. With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate, coupled with the US administration’s intervention to guarantee deposits would be made whole, investors are now betting that the Fed is more or less done with interest rate hikes.

Inflation Reading Provides Further Impetus

The recent inflation reading provided further impetus for Bitcoin’s surge as investors dream of a return to a lower interest environment and surging crypto prices. The decoupling from other risk assets is also unusual and has not been seen to the upside since 2021.

Reasons for Hesitation

Despite this surge in optimism towards crypto, there are still reasons to be hesitant here. The shutdown of three crypto banks will hurt the industry significantly, while there has been nothing but bearish developments since the start of the year. This sudden reversal could signal a short-term rally before a continued bear market in future months.

Upside Since 2021

The decoupling from other risk assets is also unusual and has not been seen to the upside since 2021. This suggests that BTC may become increasingly uncorrelated from traditional markets over time which could provide some additional stability should volatility increase elsewhere in financial markets again.


Ultimately it appears that Bitcoin’s current run-up can largely be attributed to investor sentiment surrounding increased uncertainty in traditional finance coupled with incoming inflation data which signals potential future central bank easing measures which could ultimately result in an influx of capital into cryptocurrencies such as BTC as an inflation hedge asset class. While these drivers suggest good news for crypto bulls, caution should still be exercised when investing given potential risks posed by external developments such as tighter regulations or increased competition within both traditional and digital finance spaces moving forward.

Invest in NFTs & Crypto with Web3 Startup nealthy’s $1.3M Pre-Seed Round!

• Web3 startup nealthy has raised $1.3 million in a pre-seed funding round from top industry investors.
• The funds will be used to grow the team and hire new talent, as well as seek greater adoption of their Ethereum-based platform that provides diversified exposure to NFTs and cryptocurrency investing.
• The platform is looking to tap into the Web3 ecosystem by removing barriers to entry with index tokens that allow for on-chain storage of digital assets and portfolio diversification.

Web3 Startup nealthy Raises $1.3M in Pre-seed Funding

nealthy, an Ethereum-based Web3 startup, has successfully closed a pre-seed funding round worth $1.3 million backed by top industry investors. The Dubai incorporated platform will use the capital injection to grow its team, hire new talent, and seek greater adoption of their services which provide access to diversified investment opportunities within the NFT and crypto markets.

Index Tokens Remove Barriers for Entry

The interest in Web3 continues to gather pace and nealthy is aiming to tap into this ecosystem by removing the barriers associated with entry into the market through index tokens which are investment assets that replicate traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These tokens allow investors to easily invest across the Web3 space with on-chain storage of digital assets and portfolio diversification in case of sudden market shifts. An example of an index token is nealthy’s $NFTS which is valued nearly 1:1 against blue-chip NFTs.

CEO Expresses Interest in Diversification

Ludwig Schroedl, CEO of nealthy commented on the raising saying there is increasing interest amongst investors for diversification within the crypto sector which has seen massive growth in NFT trading markets especially amongst first time investors who can benefit from “blue chip” index tokens like $NFTS due to reduced risk levels involved with such investments.

Expansion Plans for 2021

The startup is looking forward towards expanding its reach by releasing multiple products throughout 2021 such as derivatives contracts, options trading strategies and tokenized funds among other products while continuing its efforts at driving greater adoption within its target market segments through collaborations with larger players within these industries or even targeted marketing campaigns where appropriate.


With this successful funding round backed by prominent industry participants, nealthy has set itself up for sustained growth over 2021 where it is planning on using its capital injection wisely towards achieving its ambitious goals revolving around providing access to diverse investment opportunities across various blockchain asset classes while removing traditional barriers faced when entering these markets through innovative products designed specifically keeping user convenience at heart.

Wakweli Raises $1.1M: Unlocking Trust in NFTs!

• Wakweli, a web3 infrastructure protocol, has raised $1.1 million in its seed funding round.
• The funds will enable Wakweli to roll out its product offerings including a decentralized consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Democracy (PoD).
• The startup is aiming to become the reference of trust for the decentralized ecosystem for preserving the market integrity of tokenized assets.

Wakweli Raises Funds

Wakweli, a Web3 infrastructure protocol that issues NFT authenticity certificates, has closed and announced that it succeeded in rising $1.1 million in its seed funding round. Several investment firms including Summit, Funfair Ventures, several business angles, and dozens of early investors participated in the funding round, showing confidence in the protocol’s objectives.

Product Offerings

Wakweli was founded in 2021 with the aim of becoming the reference of trust for the decentralized ecosystem for preserving the market integrity of tokenized assets. It launched its website, whitepaper, and Alpha version of its protocol in 2022 and aims at creating a dedicated foundation this year to manage and encourage projects to build on its layers and also applies for token grants distributed by its on-chain treasury.

NFT Scams & Copyright Infringement

Since it was founded, Wakweli has worked to try to solve issues with NFT scams and cases of copyright infringement which have become very rampant within the crypto sphere. A recent report by global consulting firm BCG predicts that asset tokenisation will expand into a $16.1 trillion industry by 2030 meaning authenticity will likely remain a hot topic for many years to come.

FunFair Ventures COO Praise

FunFair Ventures COO Lloyd Purser praised Wakweli’s principal use case stating: „The problem Wakweli is solving is very real and needs addressing; it is a critical part of web3’s journey to mass adoption.“ He further added that „the team is hugely experienced and passionate“ and strongly believes „that Wakweli will be a key enabler in growing use of web3 technology“.


In conclusion, Wakweli has been able to raise sufficient funds necessary for rolling out their product offerings which addresses various problems related to NFTs such as scams & copyright infringement while paving way for secure authentication methods within blockchain networks as asset tokenization continues to grow rapidly over time.

Metacade: Play, Earn, Build and Connect – Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming

• Cryptocurrency markets have shown signs of improvement in early 2023, with Cronos (CRO) leading the charge.
• Metacade is at the forefront of Web3 gaming, offering users an opportunity to play and earn crypto rewards through its virtual arcade.
• Metacade’s groundbreaking Create2Earn and Metagrants schemes offer members a chance to take ownership of the platform and receive funding for their game ideas.

Cronos Price Rallies

2023 looks set to be a year when crypto markets begin to rebound after the long and varied struggles of 2022. Some altcoins, such as Cronos (CRO), are already showing signs of improvement, with price rallies in the early months of 2023 leading analysts to forecast better times across the board for cryptocurrencies.

Metacade Shoots for the Moon

One coin that looks set to exceed others as markets improve during 2023 is Metacade’s MCADE token. Built on Ethereum blockchain, Metacade offers gamers and online tournament competitors an opportunity to play, earn and interact in real-time. Through its powerful P2E infrastructure, users can receive crypto rewards for actively participating in building up their community. The Create2Earn scheme encourages social engagements by offering incentives every time someone posts content on its various outlets.

Metagrants Scheme

The most exciting feature offered by Metacade is their pioneering Metagrants scheme which promises to push GameFi to new heights while incentivizing members to take full ownership of the hub’s direction. From Q3 2023, developers can raise applications for funding in the form of a Metagrant which will support development exclusive titles for Metacade only. Each submission goes into a pool before undergoing a vote from MCADE token holders who will decide which ideas get funded and go into development with backing from a Metagrant.

Advantages for Investors

Investors looking for upside potential during 2023 should consider investing in MCADE tokens as they are likely to outperform other coins due to multiple advantages it offers over other platforms such as more games being released exclusive only on this platform plus incentivizing members with reward opportunities like metagrants scheme etc.. This makes it attractive option compared other coins available currently in market place


Institutional DeFi Gets Boost: Laser Digital Invests in Infinity

• Nomura’s Laser Digital has announced a strategic investment in decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol Infinity.
• Infinity is an Ethereum-based protocol designed to advance institutional DeFi or “Hybrid Finance” and provides price discovery and risk innovation for institutions.
• The companies did not disclose the financial terms but Laser Digital’s investment follows Infinity’s $4.2 million seed round in September 2022.

Nomura Invests in DeFi Protocol Infinity

Japanese banking giant Nomura’s crypto subsidiary Laser Digital has announced an investment in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Infinity. The purpose of the investment is to accelerate the development of critical infrastructure targeted for „Institutional DeFi“ or „Hybrid Finance“.

Infinity: What it is?

Infinity is an Ethereum-based protocol founded by Kevin Lepsoe, a former head of structuring at Morgan Stanley. It enables benchmark rates, credit and counterparty management within a single protocol. This interoperable system brings blockchain technology to the space with its innovative risk management capabilities and strives to bring more institutional players into the world of DeFi.

Investment Details

The companies did not disclose the financial terms of their deal, however Laser Digital’s investment follows Infinity’s successful $4.2 million seed round in September 2022 backed by top venture capital firms such as Susquehanna International Group, Block0, GSR, OWC, Flow Traders, and CSquared.

What Does this Mean?

This partnership will allow Infinity to further develop their product and expand its reach into institutional markets that are estimated at $300 trillion worth of credit securities across loans, derivatives and equity available on their platform going forward. Olivier Dang from Laser Digital Ventures believes that this development will be transformative for institutions as it will enable new levels of benchmark rates and risk management innovation through its groundbreaking infrastructure for DeFi applications.


The collaboration between Nomura’s Laser Digital Ventures with Infnity aims to bridge traditional finance with modern blockchain technology by providing price discovery and risk innovation for institutional players looking to enter into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). With this strategic investment following up on their successful $4. 2million seed round from major investors earlier this year, we can only expect great things from Infnity going forward!

Aave Launches GHO Stablecoin on Ethereum Testnet: Play. Earn. Build. Connect.

• Aave has deployed its native GHO stablecoin on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet.
• The launch of the mainnet for GHO will depend on community discussions and approval through the Aave DAO.
• GHO will face stiff competition from other DeFi protocols like Maker’s DAI stablecoin and Curve’s crvUSD.

Aave Deploys GHO Stablecoin

Aave, a leading crypto decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has successfully deployed its native stablecoin GHO on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet. Potential adopters and developers of the stablecoin can access the codebase and test how it works before the stablecoin is released to the general public on Ethereum.

Launch of Mainnet Dependent on Community Discussions

The launch of the GHO mainnet is however yet to be launched awaiting community discussion and approval via Aave DAO which is in charge of Aave governance through proposals and voting. The DeFi community has been eagerly waiting for the GHO launch since it was proposed by Aave back in August last year.

Competition from Other DeFi Protocols

While Aave has enjoyed a good time in the crypto borrowing and lending industry, its involvement with stablecoins means it will face stiff competition from rival DeFi protocols like Maker that have issued their own native stablecoins such as DAI. Currently, MakerDAO’s DAI is one of the largest decentralized stablecoins while Curve is also developing its own crvUSD token.

Aave’s Position in DeFi Space

Despite this competition, Aave’s top position within the DeFi space with a total value locked (TVL) of $7.15 billion may give it an advantage over other competitors when launching its own native stablecoin project.


Aave’s deployment of its nativeGHOstablecoinsonEthereum’sGoerlitestnetprovidespotentialadoptersanddeveloperswiththeopportunitytotestthecodebasebeforeitislaunchedtothepublicontheEthereummainetnetwork.However,thelaunchofthemainnetwilldependoncommunitydiscussionsandapprovalthroughtheAavedaoandwillfacecompetitionfromotherDeFiprotocolsliketheMakerdaiandCurvecrvusdtokens.Despitethiscompetition,AavespositionintheDeFispacemaygiveitanadvantagewhenlaunchingitsownnativestablecoiningproject

Aptos: Strong Fundamentals and Increasing Adoption, But On-Chain Metrics Worrying

• Aptos price has been in a strong bullish trend in 2023, peaking at $20.44.
• The total value locked (TVL) in Aptos terms is at an all-time low of 4.26 million APT.
• On-chain metrics also show a decrease in user activity on the platform.

Aptos (APT/USD) price has seen remarkable gains in 2023, making it one of the top-performing coins in the industry. The coin surged from its lowest point this year of $3.72 to its peak of $20.44 in January. The bullish trend the coin has seen has been driven by its strong fundamentals and increasing adoption in the industry.

However, a closer look at the network’s on-chain metrics reveals a different story. The Total Value Locked (TVL) in Aptos terms has been on a steady decline over the past few months. It stands at an all-time low of 4.26 million APT, significantly lower than its all-time high of over 17.6 million APT. This indicates a decrease in user activity on the platform.

The same can be said for the number of transactions in the network. According to AptosScan, the number of transactions has been decreasing. The number of active addresses has also been declining, which further confirms the decrease in user activity. This paints a worrying picture of the network’s health and future prospects.

Despite the worrying metrics, there are still some positives to take away from the network. For one, its DeFi TVL has been increasing in dollar terms. This indicates that more users are entering the DeFi space. Additionally, the Aptos team has been working hard to improve the platform and add new features. This could be the catalyst that drives the network to new heights.

Overall, the future of Aptos is uncertain. Its on-chain metrics have been concerning, but its DeFi TVL has been increasing. If the platform can continue to add new features and attract more users, it could be on the path to recovery. For now, all we can do is wait and see what the future holds for Aptos.

Beware the Red Flags: Protect Your Crypto from Rug Pulls

• Rug pulls in cryptocurrency refer to the abrupt and deliberate abandonment of a startup by project developers after gaining the trust (read: tokenized funds) of the investors in them.
• Rug pulls are quite prevalent among crypto crimes, with con artists stealing $2.8 billion, or $7 million per day, in 2021.
• Red flags include a barren, low-quality website, a guarantee of high returns, and unknown or anonymous project leaders.

Rug pulls have become an increasingly common problem in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A rug pull is a type of fraud in which project developers abruptly abandon a startup after gaining the trust (read: tokenized funds) of the investors in them. These criminals steal the money and then flee, leaving behind a useless asset they created.

In order to entice a community of investors, malicious code can be used by developers to take advantage of self-executing programs that verify transactions and literally insert traps into a project’s code. Additionally, they make use of the marketing capabilities of social media by launching a buzz-worthy and hype-filled promotional campaign.

According to Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, con artists stole $2.8 billion, or $7 million per day, in 2021. This highlights the prevalence of rug pulls in the cryptocurrency world. It is important to be aware of the red flags associated with these scams.

A startup’s homepage may be adorned with lofty objectives that must be accomplished in an unreasonably short amount of time. Additionally, there may be suspicious social media activity, buzzwords, and a desperate sense of urgency. A barren, low-quality website, a guarantee of high returns, and unknown or anonymous project leaders also lead this list of red flags.

It is important to do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency project. You should take the time to read whitepapers, investigate project leaders, and use resources such as Reddit and Twitter to gauge the general sentiment of investors. Additionally, it is also important to be aware of the warning signs of rug pull scams. By being aware of the signs, you can avoid falling victim to these scams and protect your investments.

Explore the World of Altcoins: Unlock New Markets and Higher Returns

• Altcoins are any coins or tokens that isn’t Bitcoin, and they have been created by anyone with an internet connection due to blockchain being open-source.
• Popular altcoins can be divided into four categories: tokens of use, tokens of payment, tokens for security, and stablecoins.
• Altcoins are created to fulfill a need that arises from perceived market gaps that Bitcoin does not fill.

Altcoins are a type of cryptocurrency that are alternative to Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency. Altcoins are created by anyone with an internet connection due to blockchain technology being open-source, and there are thousands of them available. They are created to fulfill a need that arises from perceived market gaps that Bitcoin does not fill.

Popular altcoins can generally be divided into four categories: tokens of use, tokens of payment, tokens for security, and stablecoins. Tokens of use are used within a network, offering services such as purchasing services, paying network fees, and redeeming rewards. Tokens of payment are exchanged for currency, while tokens for security are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and traded on stock exchanges. Stablecoins are used to provide relative price stability.

In addition, altcoins can be used to facilitate other applications, such as providing privacy and security, creating decentralized applications (DApps), and even investing. For example, Ethereum is a popular altcoin that is used to create DApps, while Monero is a privacy-centric altcoin. Other altcoins, such as Ripple and Litecoin, are commonly used for investing and trading.

Altcoins can also be used for trading and investing. Many investors prefer to trade and invest in altcoins because they are less volatile than Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Additionally, altcoins can offer higher returns due to their lower entry barriers and access to new markets.

Overall, altcoins are an important part of the cryptocurrency space. They are used to facilitate various applications, as well as for trading and investing. Altcoins have come a long way since the introduction of Namecoin, the first altcoin, and the variety of altcoins is growing. As such, understanding the different types of altcoins and their features is essential for anyone interested in investing in the cryptocurrency space.